**Course includes downloadable project files and quizzes to test your knowledge as well as LIFETIME access**Why Simon Sez IT for Excel?We know Excel. We’ve been teaching it for over 10 years and your expert instructor Toby has taught thousands of people to learn Microsoft products.We don’t rush through content. We take the time to ensure you understand important principles before moving on.Follow along. We provide downloadable practice files so you can practice as you learn.Customer reviewsHere’s what our students are saying about us: I bought the course because I wanted to learn more about the use of Excel to assist me in my job. So far, I am very happy with the instructions. They are very detailed and easy to follow. I am able to pause to make notes and rewind if needed. I have used Excel with basic knowledge of the system, but I feel that when I am done with this course I will be able to create better spreadsheets and documents. -Doris Santangelo I was able to learn a lot from this course and to do so at my own pace. I was able to review areas where I needed more time than someone more advanced than I. For the monetary investment, this is a great course for beginners. -David F. Wilson I have been using Excel for some time and this course has shown me just how much I did not know or was unaware of. A terrific learning experience. Thanks for the opportunity! -Allan Thomson I enjoyed to course and it was presented in an orderly fashion with incremental information that gave an intuitive feel to the progression. Thank you. -John Brown Course is well done and since you can go back and review at any time or after the course is done is helpful for us slow learners. -Rick ClarkeMaster Excel 2016 For Complete Beginners In This Helpful, Info-Packed Video CourseLearn to navigate Excel 2016Learn what’s new in Excel 2016Learn how to navigate and personalize Excel for your needsLearn to enter and edit dataLearn to create amazing looking charts and graphs from tables of dataLearn how a function and formula worksLearn to protect and secure your data in ExcelLearn how Excel categorizes and handles dates and other number formattingLearn to use the fill handle and flash fillLearn essential Excel formulas such as VLOOKUP, IF, SUMIF, COUNTIF and so many moreLearn to clean, filter and sort your data to perform basic data analysisLearn to create beautiful, color coded spreadsheets using Conditional FormattingLearn how to safely share a workbook.Excel 2016 From The BeginningThis course assumes you’ve never worked with Microsoft Excel in your life, or you are upgrading from a previous version. Your professional trainer, Toby, will start at the very beginning from installing the program to creating your first Workbook and entering data. Before you know it, you’ll be using Excel 2016 like a pro with advanced functions. At Simon Sez IT we know Excel and we know learning it can’t be rushed, so we take the time to explain how everything works. This is an in-depth introduction to the world’s most powerful spreadsheeting software, not a quick walk through. If other Excel courses seem to be designed for people who already have experience with the program, this course will be a breath of fresh air. The videos keep things simple and carefully step you through each process.Contents and OverviewThis course starts with where to find Microsoft Excel and installing the program. Then you learn step-by-step, simple 1-2-3 methods for getting up and running with Excel 2016. Watch just the first few videos to have a basic knowledge of Excel. Then continue through the detailed 32 chapters of video lessons and 9 exercise files to gradually become a proficient user. It’s important to note that we don’t assume you know anything about Excel 2016. We start from the basics. After installation we discuss what is new with 2016, using Touchscreen, opening a Workbook, and how to use Help to get additional answers when you need them.Then we show you how to personalize Excel for your own use with exciting Excel Options. We discuss all the Ribbons and Toolbars, entering and editing data, backup and recovery, fill and series, and printing your projects. We also work with formulas, functions, sorting and filtering data, creating charts and graphs, and much more.Upon completion of this course you will know the essentials of Microsoft Excel 2016. ** Updated July 2017. English close captions added** Updated February 2016. Course transcripts now available.