Course Highlights: 80+ Individual, Bite-Sized Lessons9 Real-World Mini-ProjectsCourse PDF & Road MapVerifiable Certificate of CompletionDownloadable Excel Files & Corresponding Project FilesInstant Access to Instructor and the ProductivityMe CommunityRegular Course Updates and Bonus Materials ProvidedA Bit More Information:Hi there, And welcome to our course page! You must be interested in Microsoft Excel, or learning it. YAY! Ryan and I are super excited to have you here, were honored that youve taken a minute out of your day to read this far. Microsoft Excel is an amazing application. You can do fun and important things with Excel. Whether youre working in finance, consulting, non-profits, or even still in school, Microsoft Excel is the industry standard for organizing, analyzing, manipulating, and storing data in tabular form. Why Learn Excel? Microsoft Excel is the worlds most popular spreadsheet program. Learning it can be frustrating (or at least it was for me). Maybe you have a small business, and you need to learn Excel for tracking your sales. Maybe you want to work at a startup, boutique marketing firm, or investment bank… Maybe you’re a recent graduate apply for an analyst job at a Fortune 500,,,, Or maybe you’re like me and you want to be able to do more in less time, perhaps get a raise or job promotion. Knowing how to use Excel to solve real-world problems can be an awesome tool to help differentiate you from the competition! In this Course: Learning Excel takes time, particularly if you try to do it without any structure! In this course, we’ll talk you through the basics from how to create a spreadsheet, to how to sort and filter your data in tables, even create charts and use awesome tools like Sparklines and Flash Fill! In this training course, weve broken down Microsoft Excel into ten main sections: Getting Started with Excel Entering DataFormulas and FunctionsFormatting & Presenting DataDatabase FeaturesUsing TablesCharts & GraphsModifying & Adjusting DataUsing Special View Features within WorkbooksManaging Worksheets within a WorkbookAbout our approach: We want you to succeed! Ryan and I have worked hard to create awesome and amazing content, but, perhaps more importantly, to create and cultivate a vibrant community around sharing and improving that content (i.e., content on how to best learn Microsoft Excel). Maybe you like doing things on your own. Watch a video, and then go off and tinker with your own workbooks. Maybe you like following along. Open up your spreadsheet, and move through each lesson step-by-step with us. Maybe you just want to learn about the sorting feature within Tables, well then jump right to lecture 64! Theres no right way to learn Excel, well, except for well, actually starting In each section, we walk you through thecore componentsof the skills and techniques that you need to use Microsoft Excel in the real-world. Each lesson will cover one single topic, delivered in a shortbite-sized video. At the end of each section well do a smallproject, in which you can apply the core skills that youve learned in the section. We’ve made it easy to follow along with the course, by providing acourse PDF, and for those of you interested- feel free to download thecourse Exercise and Project files. So… If you have questions, comments, ideas, wed love to hear from you. Email or message us any time. Cheers,Tolan & Ryan ProductivityMe Co-Founders Udemy Instructors & All-Around Good Guys