This course is created for all kinds of audience, from beginners to advance level users. This course covers all the basics and essentials for excel users so whether you are a novice or an expert, I believe there is at least something valuable that you can gain from this course.There are no prerequisites of this course. All you need is a system (laptop, computer or tablet),access to internet to take this course and a copy of MS Excel (available for free to students and as trial).This course is divided in various sections, each section dealing with a distinct feature. It will start by covering custom format and will go no to teach VBA, freezing panes, date functions, pivot tables, power BI, etc.The objective of this course is to equip with all the knowledge that is deemed necessary for proper and smooth execution of modern projects and office tasks. After taking this course, I believe you will be well versed in carryout various projects with high level efficiency and effectiveness, while preparing professional reports and presentations.I sincerely hope this course will be worth both your time and money.Warm Regards.