Microsoft Excel Bootcamp – Learn to Master Excel in 3hrs!



This is not your grandma’s Excel course! Our Excel course will give you the Excel skills to become an Excel ninja. You’ll discover keyboard shortcuts, IF statements, VLOOKUP, PivotTables, and more!WHATMAKESOUREXCEL COURSEUNIQUE?Earn points as you complete the course and unlock your spirit animal Engaging instructor that won’t put you to sleepG-rated humor and lighthearted lessonsZEROFLUFF!Real world application that you can start applying todayWHATYOU’LLBE LEARNINGThis course will help you master the most important and widely used formulas and functions in Excel. This course is beneficial to ANYONE who uses Excel. Here’s what you’ll master in the next 4 hours:Keyboard shortcuts beyond the simple Ctrl+S or Ctrl+CVLOOKUP, IF, and Nested IF statementsSUMIFS and COUNTIFSText formulas includingLEFT, RIGHT, and TRIMDate formulas including EOMONTH and EDATEPivotTables and SlicersConditional Formatting, Remove Duplicates, and Text-to-ColumnsBy the end of this course, you’ll be a total boss at Excel! Then you can take those skills to a whole new level by taking our Advanced Microsoft Excel course and Microsoft Excel VBA (Macros) course.__________NOTE:If you would like to receive CPE credit for this course, you must complete the final exam on our website. All lectures are compatible with Excel2010, Excel 2013 or Excel 2016.