**Course includes practice exercise files and LIFETIME access.**** Claim 35 PDUs**Conquer Microsoft Project 2016 or 2019 with this massive, 4-course bundle.If you’re a Project Manager and you haven’t yet mastered Microsoft Project, we have you covered with this Microsoft Project 2016 and 2019 mega online course for complete beginners to advanced usersThis four-course bundle includes two beginner courses for Project 2016 and 2019 and two courses in Advanced Project for 2016 and 2019. If youve been looking for a comprehensive training program to take you to complete MS Project master, look no further.Whether your project is big or small, business or personal, there are so many many ways that Microsoft Project can ensure project success. Harness the power of MS Project today.Microsoft Project 2016 & 2019 – Beginners CoursesWhat You’ll Learn:The MS Project Workspace, The Ribbon, Help and Project OptionsTo navigate project calendars, timelines and critical pathsHow to set-up tasks and dependencies between them, including lag and lead timesManaging project costs, leveling and how to resolve resource over-allocationsProject security, saving and protecting Project filesUseful techniques for tracing task paths to simplify unruly Gantt chartsAbout setting up baselines and interim plansHow to work with costs, deadlines and overcome scheduling issuesTo save your project as a template for future projectsMicrosoft Project 2016 & 2019 – Advanced CoursesWhat You’ll Learn:About resource sharing including setting up a resource pool across projectsHow to consolidate different projects into a single projectHow to set up recurring tasks to save you timeAbout custom fields and how to automate calculations in a custom fieldHow Outline and WBS codes work and how to use them in your projectHow to properly manage costs including setting fixed costs, budgets, variable costs and overtimeHow custom tables and custom views workDetail on advanced sorting, filtering and groupingCreating customized reports, charts and how to edit certain elements of a reportAbout Earned Value AnalysisHow to import and export data from Excel, Word and NotepadUsing Macros in Microsoft Project***Exercise and demo files included***Heres what our students are sayingGreat to have such a quick but easy understanding learning experience. I would like to thank Udemy for giving opportunities for everyone to get such vast platform for knowledge and that is also within very budget amount. We, the World, are going through such a tough time right now (COVID-19). I would like to thank Udemy for the encouragement in this period.- Abhishek AyareTaking this Udemy “Microsoft Project Course” is very easy to follow and very clear. Glad I purchased it and the instructor is very good.- William Anthony Kennedy”Extremely Helpful, learned more than I could have ever asked for. Especially love the speed at which the content is explained. The instructor takes it very slow and smooth which allows me to speed up the bits I know and sit through the full breakdown covering the bits I don’t.Thanks for making this course, couldn’t have mastered this program for work without you guys.”- DMA StaffDid you know?Simon Sez IT teaches all sorts of software, including:- Microsoft Excel- Microsoft PowerPoint- Microsoft Word- Microsoft Project- Microsoft Outlook- QuickBooks- Photoshop Elements- Web Development Languages- And so much more!Just search “Simon Sez IT” to see our full list of individual courses and incredible value multi-course bundles on Udemy.