SQL(Structured Query Language)is one of the most widely used languages in ITand Computer Science industry. The main reason being that it is an excellent choice for storing and querying data which is required everywhere.From IT industries, healthcare, data analytics, etc. SQLis used everywhere and anyone with even a little interest in databases or someone who works in the programming industry should definitely learn SQL.This course will help you learn SQLusing a real world exercise of maintaining a database of employees of a company, you will learn various operations ranging from creating, updating, deleting databases and tables. You will learn all of these inside Microsoft’s SQLServer 2017, a major player in the market. But fear not, after learning all of these commands and queries you can implement them in the DBMS of your choice and liking such as MySQL, PostgreSQL,SQLite or any other DBMSthat you want! That’s the beauty of SQL!The best part about this course is that I willcoverall of this in just 60 minutes!!!A lot of questions might be raised. like how would you cover the entire SQLoperations in just 1 hour? Because it’s really easy, straightforward and fun to do. Give it a try, you can claim your money back within30 Days if you didn’t find this course fun or useful!So, what are you waiting for enrol into this course and learn Microsoft SQLtoday!