Reviews:”Brilliant! This tutorial will definitely save you hours of figuring out things yourself.” — Koos ten Bras”Excellent course, well presented and clear examples.” – Peter CawthorneThis course is all about creating reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). No prior knowledge is needed, but some knowledge of T-SQL would be useful.We will download a version of SQL Server which includes SSRS – for free. We’ll also download a database called AdventureWorks, which we will use in our reports.We’ll create various reports, developing our skills bit by bit. As part of designing a report, we will:Select report components (matrix, table, chart and other data visualisation component),Identify the data source and parameters,Design a grouping structure,Create drilldown reports and drillthrough reports.As part of implementing a report layout, we will:Find out how to format, including formatting colours, dates and numbers;Configure the page;Implement headers and footers;Implement matrices, tables, chart, images, indicators, maps and groupings in reports;Create a range of reports using different data regions;Define custom fields;Implement global collections;Define expressions; andImplement data visualisation components.As part of implementing interactivity in a report, we will:Create drilldown reports;Create drillthrough reports;Add interactive sorting;Investigate parameters, including multi-value parameters;Create dynamic reports in SSRS using parameters;Implement show/hide property;Add actions (jump to report and URL);Add Fixed headers and a document map.By the end of this course, you should be confident in creating your own reports in SSRS.It will assist withthe “Build a report with SQLServer Reporting Services (SSRS)” sectionof Microsoftexam 70-766″Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQLServer”.