Mikeo’s Holistic, Practical, and Complete Excel – Advanced



This course is an advanced course that primarily focuses on Pivot Tables and data Analysis. It combines many of the things we have learned in the Beginner and Intermediate courses of Excel training and applies them to working with massive databases to generate reports, dashboards, KPIs and other analysis. Students will learn how to create Advanced Pivot Tables, work with flat file and relational data, create advanced stack ranks, generate pivot charts, and learn how to uncover outliers in their data that represent trends and threats.The course comes with it’s own original demo database that contains dozens of hidden trends and Easter Eggs. Students must use the skills they learn to figure out what the data is telling them. They have to dive deeper into each outlier to uncover the truth about what the data is hiding. The ultimate goal is for students to be able to answer any question about their data in under 10 seconds while using all the skills they learn in this class. With enough practice on the sample database, this should be a realistic achievement within a year at most.