Learn & Experience “New Age Marketing” through the eyes of a Millennial! In this course, I focus on teaching powerful lessons like: Hidden Resources, Value Propositions, Leveraging Value, Social Media, Taking a Company to the Next Level and so much more…! I don’t just teach these lessons, I provide enough examples to create an experience you can learn from! These lessons are taught face to face, in a quick, aggressive way (with examples played in separate lectures). I made this course for a very specific reason: to give marketers/storytellers the knowledge it takes to build a powerful brand. If every company applied these lessons to their unique story, they would make big things happen, daily. I made this course for: Anyone with character and self awareness Marketers who want to dive deeper into marketing Anyone who has a story to tell Anyone wanting to fuse business with their unique vision I genuinely admire people who work hard for what they want. Character and Self Awareness always seem to be the main ingredients for long-lasting success. What you will need: Willingness to learn (an open mind) Willingness to act Willingness to work hard and learn concepts (not as easy as you may think) I have dedicated my life to making the world a better place. This course is the first installment in a long line of online products I am creating. All products have a purpose and were created to disrupt the market. I will never create a course that I felt you could buy from someone else. I’m here for value. I’ll see you inside! Your proud instructor, Nik Koyama