Hello Mumma!Have you ever had that feeling the you are just drifting through motherhood? Youre a little lost and dont know what your soul purpose is? You are not who you were before kids, but who exactly are you now and do you have to fit the mum stereotype?I have been where you are now. But I have done a lot of personal development and chosen to embrace motherhood as a way to find myself. The journey never ends and we are continually learning new things about life and about ourselves but I now know that my passion and purpose is to help you through the tough times. And I know how tough they are.The truth is that we have all had these thoughts at some point! It is completely normal. But if you want to make a change we are here to help.The Mindful Mums Project will help you rid yourself of the sense of overwhelm. We will use a step by step approach and give you tasks to complete each week. We will do this through weekly live video chats, an exclusive facebook group for support and accountability a Mindful mums workbook created especially for you plus lots of bonus videos!As mothers we can sometimes lose our sense of self. Completing our program is the perfect time to rediscover yourself. Have you been thinking there’s something you have always wanted to try or do? Now is the time to do it! We all face difficulties and obstacles in our lives but it is how we chose to respond to these situations that determine our success and ability to live a fulfilled life.This is about a partnership between you, your baby and your family. It is just as much about you as it is about those you love and care for.We are creating a community of mums who are ready to take action in their lives. They know that doing things as they have always done will produce the same results as they always seen! They are seeking connection, support and guidance. They are ready to be empowered and put the work in to see the results they seek.You deserve to live your authentic self and fulfil your highest purpose. Join us in our mindful mum project and get ready to make changes and start becoming the best version of yourself.