Mindfulness Eating Bible Based Weight Loss – 7 day kickstart



Christian lifestyle health coach Renee Dumont is proud to offer you a well crafted online Christian educational video series that will enhance the way you think and meditate to stop binge eating and lose weight. These topics explain the connection relating to mood, food and faith that will empower you to renew your mind and conquer sugar cravings. In fact, you’ll feel the desires slipping away when you set your faith on these mindful routines. Renee calls it “The Mind Shift”. This christian weight loss program is designed to help people exercise their faith and practice biblical skills to retrain their brain and stop craving sugar, binge eating, food addiction and lower blood sugar. If you have been praying to lose weight and stop craving bad carbs this course will make feel empowered to meditate on God’s word and try something new starting from the inside out. Experience the power of asking God to help you find your way to practice self-examination and be more mindful of the way you eat to find lasting solutions to control eating habits by reconditioning your mind and reshaping you on the inside. You are sure to love Renee’s upfront a personal approach to teaching everyday challenges we face with food, emotions, and your relationship with God. Avoiding negative thoughts that lead to the temptation of foods like sweets and salty crunchy stuff is a REAL battle for most of us. That’s what makes losing weight and lowering your blood sugar one of the hardest things you can do because you have limiting beliefs and negative mindsets that make struggling seem impossible and you need inner healing. So, whether your looking to stabilize your blood sugar or  lose weight and end the roller coaster ride of poor health issues associated with eating junk food then this course is for you!