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It is highly recommend to those who wish to know about their weird or unwelcome thoughts arising frequently, those weird thoughts jeopardize your life style- STUDENT REVIEWWHY SHOULD I LEARN ABOUT MINDFULNESS?1. Do you sometimes feel frustrated because your emotions can become OVERWHELMING and seems to hold you back? …for example, maybe you avoid doing public speaking or meeting new people because ANXIETY takes over you.2. Do you feel that your emotional life is almost a roller coaster with so many ups and downs? …and maybe you are CLUELESS about how our emotions works and what REALLY influences them.3. Do you feel that you have negative and intrusive thoughts that keeps saying bad things about yourself?…they might say “encouraging” things like: “You’ll never succeed in your career” – and they always appear in the worst moments possible!If you answered “YES” to at least one of these questions then this course is for you!Most of all, these destructive thoughts and negative emotions, just… Make us suffer! And unfortunatelly, we’re NOT born with a manual on how to deal with them!I’m a Psychologist and Psychotherapist and in this course I’ll give you PROFESSIONAL ADVICE on how to deal with your own thoughts and emotions, by teaching you STRATEGIES that mental health professionals are actually using to help their clients.Most people unfortunately only know how to deal with their own emotions by common sense advice of friends, self-help books, social networks quotes or other sources, that… just doesn’t work!(Like, for example, when they say that you should Think Positive!)In this course I’ll teach you with EXAMPLES and in a CLEAR MANNER, so you doesn’t need to have any academic background, an (effective!) scientific-based emotional regulation strategy that had been nowadays on the highlights of both the psychology scientific community and media:MINDFULNESS.You’ll learn in the course:The most common THOUGHT DISTORTIONS and how they are affecting negatively your life. You’ll learn how to RECOGNIZE THEM and how to do not let them mistake you anymore.The strategies of emotional regulation that you might be using but science has already proofed WRONG. And why when you try to use them to deal with your thoughts and emotions it usually backfire!What is Mindfulness and why it is now been used widely to treat depression, anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorders and is helping people to have a happier life in general.BUT WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE THIS COURSE?+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++There is a lot of free quality information – videos and articles – on the internet teaching instructions about the practice of Mindfulness Meditation. Although instructions on how to do the practice are essential and covered in detail in this course, the content of ‘Mindfulness Meditation – The COMPLETE Meditation Course!’ is much more than that.This course explains in an easy way the psychological mechanisms behind the Mindfulness pratice. By understanding not only HOW but WHY it works, this will motivates you to keep practing and will enhance your discernment about how to implement it easily in your daily activities – since you understand in depth how mindfulness connects to thoughts and life situations.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++So after you learn how to deal with your negative patterns of thoughts and afflictive emotions and they get OUT OF THE WAY…You’ll be able to use your FOCUS to enjoy more life everyday moments, build deeper MORE MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS and live a more HAPPY AND FULFILLED LIFE. 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