MindMeister for Personal Productivity (Mind Mapping)



Take control of your to-do list using MindMeister!Learn how mind mapping with MindMeister can help you take control of your productivity, and manage your time and tasks more effectively.  We’ll take you from basic to confident use of MindMeister, working  through 4 key steps to create your own personal organiser mind map.Biggerplate is the Home of Mind Mapping, providing Templates, Tutorials and Training to help you get more from your mind map software! The contents of this course are based on our own experience of running a global mind mapping brand for nearly 10 years, combined with the extensive learning and insights we have gathered from our worldwide mind mapper community of approximately 150,000 members! The result is a course that aims to provide you with practical guidance that is grounded in the real world, and to help show you how and why thousands of people  around the world use mind mapping software to help take control of their productivity!