The Mindset of a Champion Gives You the Mental Tools Needed for the Gold MedalDeveloping the mindset of a champion requires a deep understanding of all the mental tools and how they interact together to achieve peak performance. During this course, you will expand your knowledge of all the primary mental tools, you will learn about peak performance profiles, you will discover how you can improve each of your mental tools and you will unlock your ability to achieve outstanding athletic results.The secret to becoming a champion stems from a willingness to invest in yourself for greater results. You have all the ingredients within you to achieve whatever level of success you can dream of. The trick is to put those ingredients together by following the right recipe.Testimonial:”Athletic Mindworks has helped me achieve my main goal, to be a winner. The training gave me the ability to self-calm and focus, enabling my inner champion to come forward and win. Working with Athletic Mindworks, I recently won two out of three professional tournaments, including my first professional win ever. Once you apply the Mindworks methods, be prepared for a life altering experience, their knowledge is power.”- Roger Beale – Golf ProfessionalCourse Objective:Our aim is to provide you with a vehicle to become self-sufficient when it comes to developing and more importantly, managing your personal mindset. The system and structures provided in this course will put you on a path to unlocking performance levels that are truly world-class.During this course, we will be using easy to use terminology that provides you with the ability to quickly and easily implement the lessons. In fact, the true power of this course will be your ability to quickly and easily apply action to the lessons learnt, providing you with the results you want right away.This Course Includes:39 lectures that give you the information you need to develop the mindset of a championThis course is broken down into 5 easy to follow sectionsA printable notes sheet for each video so you can create your own course manualExercise sheets for specific tasks designed to push you to the next levelThe total course time is 2 hoursCourse Instructor: John McMahonJohn McMahon is an energetic, mission-oriented individual who has been educating, empowering, and elevating the attendee’s, of his peak performance workshops, for over two decades. As a personal coach, John has inspired and motivated countless individuals to achieve success and fulfillment. He employs a highly effective method, which is easy to understand, but most importantly, put into immediate action in order to yield results.Career Highlights:Canadian National Team Coach – WKA World Championships – Corfu – 2001Gold Medalist – WKA World Kickboxing Champion – Czech Republic – 2000World Title Belt – WPKA World Kickboxing Champion – United States – 20003 x Gold during WAKO Intercontinental Championships – South Africa – 1999Bronze Medal – WKA World Kickboxing Championships – Malta – 1999Competed Internationally for Team Canada – Denmark, Poland, United States – 1996 to 1999World Championships – Canadian National Tae Kwon Do team – England – 1994Black belt in Karate – 1994