Mixing Made Easy Vol 3



Mixing Made Easy Vol 3 is a very unique training course. In this course, you will see the same song mixed from start to finish in real-time by two different audio engineers, using different mixing approaches. In the first section, watch  Johnny Gieb mix using a beginners approach using only stock plugins that come free with any DAW. His approach to the mix is a much more “simplistic” and is perfect for someone who is brand new to mixing. In the second section, watch David Vignola mix that same using only 3rd party “analog style plugins” using more intermediate/advanced techniques. This section is more geared towards intermediate experienced mixers. What is great about this course is you get to see how two different engineers approach the same mix and there are a lot of concepts and techniques shown in great detail. You can take what you like from each engineer and build it into your own workflow. Another great benefit in this course is that you will receive both final mixes from Johnny & David so you can hear the difference between them and see which you like best. Does the 3rd party plugins that David used sound better than the stock plugins the Johnny used? Well, you need to get this course and find out!Finally you get all the audio files so you can mix the song along with both David & Johnny