Mobile App Essentialsisacomprehensive video eCoursethat takes you through the complete process of app creation, fromidentifyingthe kind of app that is best for your business, tomarketingthe app properly, tocollectingpositive feedback from users.Mobile App Essentialswill give you a full understanding of how appsinfluence the market, and how even the most tech-illiterate among us can take advantage of this technology to keep up with and ultimatelysurpass competitors. Whether you want an app to help your team become more effective or an app to eliminate the middleman between you and your clients, this course is designed to help you zone-in on your goals andcreate a tool that will optimize your business.YOU WILL LEARN HOW:1. Todevelop an appthat will make you money, increase leads, and ultimately automate your business.2. Establish afirm understandingof app costs through analyses created by Jeremy.3. Learn how toprototypeyour app – Themost important element of any app project, period!4. Discover how to make your app aviral sensationthat consumers will reuse again and again.Mobile App Essentialsis the first course of its kind. Never before has an expert as thorough and effective as Jeremy Callahan broken down the process of App creation and execution. This course provides all the information you need to know to eventually become anapp expertyourself. Keep your business asconvenientas possible for clients and atrue competitorin todays market.Mobile App Essentials includes:11 Video Modulestaught by the master himself, Jeremy CallahanThe App Brainstorm Guide: How to Find Ways to Increase Revenue and Reduce CostsDesign Guides, Customer Avatars and User Experience flowsEstimation and App SpecificationsWorksheetsPre-Marketing and MarketingLaunch ChecklistsApp Store Optimization- what it is and why it is essentialList of App Review Websitesand Contest Sites to Drive Free Traffic