TenKod EZ TestApp provides mobile developers and testers with a comprehensive set of frameworks and tools for writing and carrying out automated tests. EZ Test App does NOT require any application instrumentation or device jail breaking / rooting. The Platforms runs on Windows and Mac OS. Android is supported on Windows and Mac, iOS is supported on Mac OS. EZ TestApp Test Projects are Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery ready. TenKod course is organised in below sub-topics:-TenKod EZ TestApp – Tool Overview, FeaturesMobile App Test Automation Step-by-Step DemonstrationTenKod EZ TestApp CI (Jenkins) IntegrationCATJS is an open source automation framework for web & mobile-web applications testing supports iOS, Android and any HTML5 Browser.CATJS course is organised in below sub-topics:-CATJS Tool – Introduction & InstallationCATJS – Web Mobile-Web Testing Creating Test (Demo)CATJS – Test Execution & Reporting