Unreal Engine 4 is widely held as one of the best game development engines in the world. It entails different game development tools which are capable of producing everything from 2D mobile games to AAA consoles titles. Not only that but its graphical power and user-friendliness makes it ideal for developing high-quality mobile games.Unreal Engine 4 is user-friendly, modern, engaging, and immensely powerful. The presence of many efficient functions rendering technology helps speed the gaming platform. With the mere knowledge of C++, you can even make changes to the game without any hindrance. Adding Icing to the cake is the ease of developing a game on Unreal Engine 4 and you can create an entire game without writing a single line of code. What’s more? Well, it is the engine behind famous games such as Kingdom Hearts III, ARK, Tekken7 and many others.Why this Course is Important?With the immense amount of migration of users to the mobiles from their computers, the use and demand of high-quality game are at its apotheosis. It seems that high-quality and high-performance games are being launched on a regular basis these days, making game development an essential field for building a promising career. This makes the knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 highly vital in order to have an edge over the evolving competition. Considering all these factors, we have designed this course which will help you to ace all the concepts and skills required for developing a mobile-based game on Unreal Engine 4.What Makes this Course so Valuable?Unreal Engine 4 being one of the best gaming developers available at our disposal, this course includes topics as importing a Custom Character, Character Blueprint, Camera and Blue Print Setups and Speed Increase. These essential topics skyrockets your understanding about the gaming platform. That’s not all! Youll develop a comprehensive knowledge about Obstacle Setup, Ragdoll physics, Jump Booster, HUD and UI. The course explains these vital topics in details.The Course Includes– Learn to create a project- import custom characters- Animation Retargeting- Camera and Blueprint Setup- Spawning Endless Ground Tiles- Switching Lanes and touch Screen Controls- Point System and Powerups And Much More!If you share the zeal of gaming, not just playing but also creating, try this course today!