One of the only comprehensive, detailed and approachable online courses taking you from themathematical modelling of engineering systems toMATLAB/SIMULINK implementation and PIDcontrol design.ONTOPOFTHATWEMAKEITALLHAPPENONATESLAMODELS P85!Today, control systems are everywhere:in cars, military aircrafts, interplanetary rockets, computers, fridges, washing machines, etc. As technology advances, control engineering allows us to design systems which make the most complicated machines do exactly what we want them to do with outstanding accuracy and reliabilty.This course gives you the opportunity to learn anddo the following:-Understand and harness the Physics behind a Tesla Model S or any otherelectric car.- Establish the mathematical model of an electric DCmotor.- Derive the mathematical model behind the dynamics of a car.- Implement an engineering model in SIMULINK using blocks, transfer functions,MATLAB functions, etc.- Test and fit your model to relevant real life performance.- Implement, test and tune a PID controller adapted to your requirements in order to control the output of your system, in this case the speed of your Model S (cruise control).I will thoroughly detail andwalk you througheach of these concepts and techniquesandexplain down to their fundamental principles, all concepts and subject-specific vocabulary. This course is theideal beginner,intermediate or advancedlearning platform for the mathematics behind engineering systems, the use of MATLAB and SIMULINK in engineering design and PID control. Whatever your background,whether you are a student, an engineer, a sci-fi addict, an amateur roboticist, a drone builder, acomputer scientist ora business orsports person,you will master the physics behind an electric car andlearnhow to implement and control them inSIMULINKbydesigning a powerfulPID controller that fits your requirements!If you have questions at any point of your progress along the course, do not hesitate to contact me,it will be my pleasureto answer you within 24 hours!If this sounds like it might interest you, for your personal growth, career or academic endeavours, I strongly encourage you to join! You won’tregret it!