Modeling a Theme Park Ride in 3d with Maya (Beginner)



In this Maya based course, we will cover various tools and methods to create our very own theme park ride, the roller coaster. We will focus on creating the ride itself, including the track, the car models, and , however within the bonus section we will also be creating some of the elements associated with theme park rides – walkways, trashcans, grass, gates, flags, and turnstiles. This course is aimed at the beginner / intermediate Maya or 3D user, which means a very basic understanding of core 3d terminology and workflow is assumed. All other methods, tools, techniques and workflows, will be explained to the extent that an understanding of the “why” certain methods were used, will be gained. This will serve to deepen the knowledge of the tools/techniques and allow them to be used in the future on your own projects. The style of this course will be both tool/technique and element/project based. What this means, is that not only will you learn how to use a particular tool or technique, but you will also put them to use by building various elements geared towards this project. We will be utilizing Maya 2013 (recommended) for the duration of the course, however most of the methods and/or techniques can be completed in prior versions as well as many other 3d applications. If you do NOT have Maya 2013, Autodesk offers educational versions of their software FREE of charge. Here is the link for more details: INCLUDED WITH COURSE: Scene Files (Maya Specific) Reference Images Bonus Scene Files (Unspecific 3d format – OBJ, FBX, etc..) Bonus Models (Maya Format and OBJ / FBX) Bonus Simple Modeling Light Setup Script COURSE LENGTH: Over 12 Hours for Main Course Material Over 3 Hours Bonus Material