Moment Distribution Method – Civil Engineering Example Pack



This course is the ideal bolt-on to my main course on analysing civil engineering indeterminate structures, ‘Indeterminate Structures & The Moment Distribution Method’. The best way to sharpen the skills developed in that course is through practice- that’s where this bolt-on course comes in!The key to embedding any new structural analysis techniqueisimplementing your solution strategies on unfamiliar structures. One of the most frequent requests I receive from my civil engineering students is for more worked examples.In this course – we’ll put the skills you’ve already learned into practice on 5 challenge questions. The questions are designedto sharpen your understanding of the momentdistribution method.The focus is on 2-dimensional structural frames. We’ll cover both sway and non-sway frames – the emphasis is on analysing structuresyou’re likely to come across as a civil or structural engineer. While I won’t delve too deep into the derivation of solution methodologies (to avoid repetition), Iwill still explain the logic behind each step taken in the solution process. If you’ve come across these analysis techniques during your studies – this course wouldbe a sensibleaddition to your reference library.The course is developed around the concept ofproblem based learning. To get the most out of the course you should attempt aquestion and iterate on your solution until you converge on the correct one. This way you learn by working your way through each problem – hence the nameproblem based learning. Only at the end should you watch the accompanying video to check the reasoning behindyoursolution.Completing thisMoment Distribution MethodExample Pack is a great way to wrap up your study of indeterminate structures,leaving you well placed to analyse the types of structures seen in everyday life as a civil or structural engineer.