This complete step-by-step course gives you what you need to know to help your kids fully understand the concepts of money. Unfortunately, most kids simply aren’t taught how to deal with money or anything about personal finance. As they grow older, they graduate from high school and enter the world without even a basic understanding of personal finance. According to a recent study conducted by ING Direct, 87% of teens admit they don’t know much about personal finance. Today, most teenagers want to learn about personal money skills, but no one around them talks about it or teaches them. Parents think the school is teaching about personal finance skills and the schools are thinking the parents are talking to their children about money skills. Unfortunately, the kids are caught in the middle without getting the solid training they need to succeed in life until now! No matter their age, this course gives you real life examples and age-appropriate how to’s” that will give your kids a solid foundation in personal finance and core money concepts. Brief list of what will be covered * The 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Teaching Kids About Money * The 7 Things to Do When Teaching Kids About Money * Creating SMART Financial Goals * How to Save Money * Secrets to Comparison Shopping * How to Create a Personal Budget * How to Set Realistic Financial and Personal Goals * How Different Investments Work * Teach Your Kids How to Escape the Lure of Credit Cards * How to Completely Eliminate Credit Card Debt * Painless Ways to Save for College * Avoid Identity Theft * 7 Reasons Your Teen Should Maybe Get a Job * Saving $5 Per Day Can Make You Wealthy * Credit Reports 101 * 5 Powerful Money Habits of the Wealthy * 10 Ways Your Kids Can Build Their Savings Account * And Much More… In addition, you’ll also receive resources you can print off and use along the way. All of this information is broken down into bite-size pieces so you can learn at your own pace. The program creator, Andy LaPointe has 15 years experience as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Series 7 Stockbroker and Mutual Fund Wholesaler. He has taught the information in this extensive course to investment advisors, parents, teens and families. He has spoke to audiences on the subject of personal finance and investment strategies ranging from 5 to 1,500 participants.