When one takes up cooking, the amount of information, recipes and suggestions can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get lost in asea of recipes, to spend time pondering WHAT to cook and miss one of the most important aspects when it comes to preparing a great meal – the HOW. The real success of a dish comes fromcorrect preparation techniquesjust as much as it comes from high quality ingredients,flavour combinations or creative plating.I started thisgreat journey in 2017, with the first course, Essential Cooking Skills, Key Techniques – part1.In this course I gathered some more of the most importanttechniques that any cook, anywhere in the world,be they amateur or professional,absolutely needs to use in his kitchen. They have been developed and perfectedovergenerations byprofessional chefs and, for many years, have been set as goldenstandards in international cuisine.I have done my utmost to make this an effective and pleasant experience for everystudent by combining clear practicaldemonstrations and useful information. This is just the secondof a series of courses to follow, which I will developtakinginto account all the feedback from my students andthe topics they are interested in.Notice: the second lecture of the curse is a written document containing general guidelines of the course and measurements in both metric and imperial systems.