Moroccan Secret Cooking: How to Cook a Tanjia at Home



Yes all people around the world knows about Moroccan kitchen, but every city in morocco has a traditional secret meal only local people knows about it and few tourist, but in my course no more secret.our recipe secret today Is The Tanjia not Tajine there is a big difference.Magic recipe for the magical city of Marrakech.Tanjia??? yes it is The Tanjia.Tanjia it was an old recipe mostly prepared by men, it is a dish of meat cooked in a pot of earth (called Tanjia) during two hours, in the embers of the oven with wood of a traditional Hammam.In this cours you will take a great idea about this recipe and a very nice adventure makes you touch the sweetness of the magical Marrakech culture.Have fun, and i’m here ready for all your questions.