‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’is what I told myself over and over again..Like most people,Iused to have theseamazing plans for my life. I wanted to start a business, build six-pack abs, earn more money, learn new skills- but Inever had the consistent motivation to make my goals a reality.Yet, I always had ‘some’ motivation.It wasn’t like I had none at all..Regularly Ihad series ofa couple of days (sometimes weeks)in a row, whereI was highly motivated and dideverything right. I’d feel unstoppable.. Killing my workouts, eating healthy andworking hard on my goals.Every time againI thought I’dfinally reached a point inmy life where ‘things’would be ‘different’ from now on – only to be confronted by the harsh reality when I’d fall back into ‘laziness’ and full-timeprocrastination again.I felt really bad about myself.. I thought Iwaslazy, a failure – and unworthy of success.But that was the past… Now, things are ENTIRELYdifferent.———————————–I’ve been able to create a ‘system’throughwhich I am consistently motivated to work on my goals &habits, which has enabled me to build a profitable online business, improve my health &fitness, earn more money, beat procrastinationandincrease my sense of self-worth and confidence.In ‘Motivation Mastery’ I’ll share with youthe exact steps,strategies and habitsthat I’ve implemented in my life to stop procrastinating, to feel ‘naturally’ motivated – and to make things like hard work, studying and exercising anautomatic and internal part of my life.Mastering the art and science of motivation is one of thoseessential skillsthat will propel you towards a heavily improved life – just like it did for my life.But unfortunately, too many people are unaware that mastering your motivation is essential for success in any area of life,so they never even botherstudying the topic – leaving them frustrated, confusedand limiting theirresults in life..Luckily, as you’rereading this page, you aren’t one of those people -and that’s why I can’t waitto share these principles with you!———————————–In Motivation Mastery, you’ll learn exactly:How to stop procrastinating once and for allHow to generate consistent motivation to crush ANYofyour goals(whether it’slosingweight, buildingmuscle mass, improvingyour grades, starting/growing a business or getting a promotion)How to set up a fool-proof ‘motivation’system that prevents you from falling back into ‘laziness’ or procrastinationHow to make motivation ‘internal’, so that it becomes an automatic and effortless part of your life.Furthermore, you’ll learn:The 3-Step Formula For Instant MotivationThe 2 Types of Motivation (And The More Powerful One)The 3 Main Reasons For Procrastination To Kick In (And How To Beat It)How 90% of People Fall In The Trap of ‘Subtle’ ProcrastinationHow The ’15-Minute’ Exercise Is The CureTo Stop ProcrastinatingThe 7 Sources of External MotivationHow Your Direct Environment (Such As Your Home, Office ANDYour Friends)Either Motivates or Demotivates YouHow Books, Video’s and Music Can Be Part of A Motivated LifestyleHow To Use Social Media As Motivation Instead of a DistractionWhy an ‘Accountability Partner’ Will Help You SucceedWhy You Should NEVER Work Where You Relax or Relax Where You WorkThe Power of Neuro-Associations On Your Level of Motivation (How It Controls You and How You Can Control It)Why You Should Get Control Over Your ‘State’ If You Want To Achieve Your GoalsThe 3 Easiest Ways To Get Into ‘Peak Performance State’How Your Breath Can Generate Energy To Work Hard(Bio-Hacking)How ‘Pain’ and ‘Pleasure’ Drives EVERY Single Decision You MakeHow Different Types of Fears Determine Our Motivation Level (Very Common!)How To Overcome Fears That Are Holding You Back (You May Not Even Be Aware of This)Why ‘The Rocking Chair Test’ Is A Must-Do Exercise If You Don’t Want To End Up With RegretHow The ‘6 Basic Human Needs’ Regulate Our MotivationHowOur Past Identity Will Resist Towards Our New Life (aka The Blindspot) and How To Overcome ThisHow To Use The Power of Goal-Setting To Give Us Clarity and MotivationHow To Identify Limiting Belief Systems That Have Been Forced UponYou Because of Social Conditioning (This Will Change Your Life!)How To Create a ‘Mantra’ That Will Instill Confidence, Motivation and Energy Wherever and Whenever You AreHow To Use Habits To Make Motivation ‘Effortless & Automatic’How To Build Strong Habits for SuccessWhat The ‘Habit Loop’ IsWhy AMorning Routine Is ESSENTIAL For A Motivated LifestyleHow Affirmations &Visualizations Will Prime You For A Productive &Successful DayThe 4 Health Habits That Will Give You Unlimited Energy To Work On Your GoalsThe 3 Productivity Habits That Will Make You More Efficient and Help You To Achieve Your Career Goals Faster Than EverHow This21-Day Challenge Will Change Your LifeMore, more & more…Whether your goal islosingweight, buildingmuscle mass, starting/growinga business, getting a promotion or improving your grades -the process of motivation works exactly the same. By mastering your motivation, you’ll be able to achieve ANYgoal you set for yourself. You’ll be in full control over your mind, which meansyou’ll be in full control over your consistent level of effort – which is the #1 factor in achieving success of ANYkind.———————————–So, when you are ready to say goodbye to procrastination and say hello to an improved lifewith more achievements, impact and fulfillment, I’d love to see you on the inside of Motivation Mastery!To Your Personal Growth,Jari RoomerFounder Personal Growth LabPs. You’ll geta 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on this course,so there is literally no-risk involved. See you on the inside!