Mouse n Cheese – Learning to 3D Model in Blender



So, are you interested in 3Dmodeling withBlender? The processcan be interesting, fun, and…frustrating. In this streamlined tutorial series, I will teach you everything you need to know to get started creating your own textured models that you can render in very high detail. We’ll model a mouse, cheese, and environment from start to finish, using Blender’s hair particle system to create fur. Then we’llcreatematerials and textures for them, which we will then set up for a final render.If you’ve never used Blender before, this course is built especially for you! Everything is explained each step of the way, and the project has been designed to provide a well-rounded set of skills and tricks for any beginner interested in 3Dmodeling. Furthermore, this series has been streamlined to take you from absolutely nothing to a finished, highly realistic-looking result in less than 2 hours.All you need to get started is a copy of Blender 2.79 or later, which can be downloaded for free at Blender’s website.So, if you’d like to learn Blender by building an interesting project that teaches a wide array of skills, this course is for you!