Tired of being told “Scrivener is the answer to all your writing woes”?What if you could do all those same organizational tricks (plus lots more Scrivener can’t do) without needing to purchase or learn a whole new word-processing platform?Good news! This course — designed and taught by editor and publisher Demi Stevens of Year of the Book Press — takes you behind the magic curtain to show you just the tools you need to get the writing done faster and more elegantly.Using fun sample texts, along with drafts from actual manuscripts, this course goes beyond the mechanics of MSWord to show you how to format your Work-In-Progress using a series of 1-click tools like “Style” settings for chapter headers/sub-headers and main body text, table of contents, bibliography, citations, footnotes or endnotes, and indexing.Or if you’ve been tempted to try your hand at dictating your manuscript (pun intended) — but the price tag and learning curve for Dragon Naturally Speaking ($99+) has got your mouse-hand shaking — discover the new free “Dictate” feature, which converts voice to text with astonishing accuracy.Perfect for beginners or advanced MSWord users, you can easily target the skills you want most by lesson topic. If you simply need to solve your page numbering woes to create that illusive “intentionally blank” page between chapters, no problem! Jump straight to Lessons 12 and 13 for page breaks and headers/footers. Can’t stand the thought of removing those now-superfluous 2nd spaces between sentences, or extra line breaks between paragraphs… one by painful one? When you’re dealing with an 80,000-word manuscript, there’s not enough wine in your rack to get you through that. Instead, skip to Lesson 9 for the almost 1-click wonders of the”Find and Replace” tool.Maybe you’ve just landed your dream editor, and they’ve sent back your entire document with “Tracked Changes” — but you don’t know how to even begin deciphering their suggestions. Fear not! Lesson 27 will get you oriented, as well as provide ideas for what you should verify with your editor before you dive in… so you don’t waste valuable deadline time doing the work twice.Or perhaps you’ve decided to tread the indie path and self-publish your book. Hiring a format and design team could cost $150-1000 per book. Using skills from this course, plus the bonus book-formatting lesson, you’ll be ready to create a file suitable to upload to Amazon KDP, Ingram-Spark, or other POD platform, so you can start building your author brand today!In addition to the instructor’s work in the publishing field, Demi Stevens is a Microsoft Office Certified Trainer, so you’ll benefit from the overlap of MSWord ninja techniques plus butt-in-chair/hands-on-keyboard wisdom from the writing trenches.