MSP430G2 microcontroller programming Fun and Easy way



learn MSP430 launch pad programming with Energia IDE like a Arduino programming – step by step guide by making projects. In this course, you will learn to program MSP430D2 launch pad with Energia IDE by making practical projects. Module#1 Getting started with MSP430G2 Launchpad Introduction to MSP430G2 Launchpad – overview of board How to download and install Energia IDEGetting started with Energia IDE and connecting your board with Energia Module#2 Overview of MSP430 programming with Energia IDE Pin mapping of MSP430 Launch pad with Engergia IDE Basics of Energia sketch ( first code) How to define variables How to define functions Module#3 input output ports of MSP430How to use input output ports of MSP430G2553 LED blinking using MSP430G2 Launchpad How to use push button with MSP430G2 Launchpad How to use RGB LED with MSP430G2 Launchpad PIR motion sensor interfacing with MSP430G2 LanuchPadModule#4 LCD interfacing Introduction to 16X2 LCDHow to interface LCD with 16×2 LCDHow to display counter value on LCDHow to scroll text on LCDModule#5 Serial communication What is UART communication ? How to use UART communication module of MSP430G2553?How to send data through UART? How to receive data through UART?Module#6 Analog to digital converter of MSP430How to use ADC of MSP430How to measure voltage with MSP430Temperature sensor interfacing with MSP430rain sensor interfacing with MS430Module#7 Pulse width modulation How to generate PWM with MSP430 microcontroller How to control brightness of LED with PWM and MSP430? Module#8 servo motor interfacing (UPCOMING) How to interface servo with MS430 How to control direction of dc motorModule#9 stepper motor interfacing (UPCOMING) How to interface servo motor with MS430 How to control servo motor