What is the Mudbox Painting a 3D Dinosaur in 2 hourscourse about?This exciting course is about learning the Mudbox Paint Tools particularly in 3D paint organic object such as humans, creatures, fantasy characters etc.What kind of materials are included?1. A series of video tutorials2. A downloadable ZIP file that contains Maya & Mudbox lesson files of the dinosaur.How long to complete?Less than 3 hours to understand and practice the painting skills.How is this course structured?It is mainly a hands-on learning experience whereby you paint the dinosaur while viewing the videos. The series of video tutorials flows in an orderly manner to lead you to the completion of painting a digital dinosaur. You can also jump start to your preferred modeling stage at any time.Take Mudbox Painting a 3D Dinosaur in 2 hours" course now and have a wonderful JURASSIC 3D Painting experience !