Music Composition – Create Drive & Energy



Do you want to Master Energy &Drive in Music Composition?Welcome to my course on mastering the energy & drive in your music. My course will take you on a learning journey. And your end goal and destination for this journey, is to unlock the secrets to energy & drive in your music, by the power of rhythm.Not rhythm in the form of drums & percussion. But driving, energetic rhythms from any instrument that can play notes. What I call, melodic rhythm.Get Powerful Guidelines on Rhythm & DriveGet practical guidelines on using rhythm & drive, so that you can use the full power of drive and energy in your music productions.Master the Playing Styles of Driving RhythmsLearn the fundamental playing styles and sounds of driving rhythms. So that you can create, shape and add energy and drive into your music. For example: strumming guitars…pulsing synthesizers, or ostinato string patternsLearn Amazing Workflow Tools & TechniquesLearn some of the amazing workflow tools and techniques, so that you can create and shape new driving rhythms much faster. For example: arpeggiators, step sequencers, and rhythmic gate effects.Now take ActionSo are you ready to level up as a composer, by learning how to create, shape and use: driving rhythms in your music?Then lets start your journey, right now! =)