Music Composition – How to compose Corporate Music



Music Composition – Uplifting Corporate MusicWelcome! And congratulations for choosing to advance your skills and knowledge as a music composer. My course will take you on a learning journey. And your end goal and destination for this journey, is to unlock the secrets of composing corporate music.YOU WILL LEARNLearn the Foundations of Corporate MusicFind out Your Vision & MissionCreate a Professional Project PlanGet 10 Powerful Production GuidelinesMaster the Sound Palette for this StyleComplete a Creative Songwriting SessionAFTERTHISCOURSEYour final project will be to compose your own track in the style of corporate music, including following all the steps of a professional project as a composer.STARTNOWNow before we continue, I want to ask you: Do you want to learn how to compose corporate music? Are you prepared to complete this course, and take action on everything you learn? Are you ready to level up as a composer?Then lets start your journey, right now! =)