I spent years off and on trying to get a handle on how music really works.I’ve read book after book that spends the first 100 pages teaching boring stuff on notation, half of which is not explained well and so doesn’t make sense.I’ve never found that one book that could just explain music in simple terms.I shouldn’t even be creating this course. I’m really not qualified in the traditional sense.However, I’ve searched from every angle and for some reason nobody seems to be able to explain the basics properly.So this is my attempt to do that and save you from throwing your music book at the wall and giving up before you even get started.There is another side of this, too.There is the pipeline of music education.1. Pick a classical instrument, like piano or a string instrument.2. Spend years becoming a robot playing other people’s songs who died hundreds of years ago.3. Eventually get board and stop doing anything musical.There are all these other aspects that I will cover that are not talked about.1. What about learning to improvise?Creating music on the fly?2. What if you want to create modern music, like your favorite artist, or band, or a song you hear on the radio?3. What bout learning to remix a song?Or deconstruct a favorite song so you can play it yourself or with your friends?4. Why cant you pick any instrument and learn it?5. Why can’t you learn multiple instruments?Is it really that hard?6. What about WRITINGmusic?Why do you just have to be a musical follower your whole life?7. How can you express yourself with music?What do different musical patterns mean?How do you learn the language?8. What’s the business of music?How do artist get paid?How could you use music in your life?9. Whats the real structure of music?What’s the geometry and math of it?10. How can Ibecome a better listener?How can Ibecome the kind of person who can listen to a song and pick out each instrument, and explain what they are doing, and appreciate it a the deeper levels?11. Am Ialready a musician? It turns out that every time you speak, you are actually creating music, because the tonality of your voice forms a basic melodic soundtrack under everything you say, and the spacing, stress patterns, pauses for breath, and speed of talking you use create the underlying rhythm/beat of your talking.12. How is poetry related to music?13. How can I create music using computer software without even learning a single instrument?I answer these questions and more in the course. Even if you know a lot about certain areas of music, I think you’ll learn a thing or two in this course. And I hope you’ll take part in the discussion section so you can show me where I’ve made any mistakes or left out important ideas.See you on the inside,Timothy