Music Theory I: A College Companion Course



Music Theory I is designed for any person interested in learning the basics of western music theory and chorale harmonization. It is specifically tailored to students in a college or university setting in the United States, but it is perfect for anyone simply looking to learn, or improve their understanding of, music theory.What are the lessons like?Lessons are presented in short, information-dense modules with many quizzes and downloadable worksheets accompanying them. Each video is written and constructed to be as concise as possible so that no time is wasted. Don’t be fooled by other courses that have longer hour counts. The lessons are scripted and structured to build on each other making the flow seamless and easy to understand. Who teaches the course?Dr. Max Keller is currently an Assistant Professor of Music Theory at Andrews University. Who should take this course?Anyone who took the previous course, Music Theory FoundationsCollege or university students taking the first year of music theory Anyone who can read music a little and wants to understand more about music theoryA producer or composer that is looking to improve their craft