Do you struggle with professional networking? Is it difficult to meet people for work or business? Do you find it difficult to tell people what you do because of the specific ‘jargon’ or ‘industry terminology’ you use? Do people outside your industry not understand what you do? We all use specific language and terminology in our jobs. Sometimes this can make it difficult to talk to someone about what you do for a living. Even within the same company, different departments are not always clear what others are doing or why. If you are trying to explain your job to a manager of another area in your company you could easily lose their attention if you’re not careful That’s why it’s important to know how to talk about what you do in a way that anyone can understand. This course will show you why it’s important to know how to describe your job, your duties and your importance to the organization in simple, easy to understand terms. That takes some skill. However, it is something that is simple to learn once you know how. This is especially vital when you meet people as you network. If they can’t follow what you’re saying they are not going to be willing to stay in the conversation with you. Networking can be especially difficult for the more introverted among us. Speaking to people can be very difficult, and large groups tend to be particularly intimidating for introverts. About the Networking for Introverts series of courses. Learning the proper skills can help you interact effectively with others and allow you to take advantage of all the benefits networking can bring. Networking helps you find mentors, company sponsors, new professional contacts. It helps you develop relationships with mangers, get noticed by executives, find team members to work with, engage with colleagues, get promotions or recognition, as well as just generally boosting your confidence in dealing with people. This course series teaches you a way to learn those skills one at a time, in bites. Topics like; How to overcome nervousness. How to introduce yourself effectively. How to continue the conversation comfortably. How to confidently talk about what you do, even when the other person doesn’t know about your industry. How to create a positive first impression and read other people’s reactions. By understanding the process of networking these courses help you see how all these skills work together, so you can consistently connect with people when you meet them. These skills lead to connections you wouldn’t find otherwise… and that is what grows your professional network. You need these skills to succeed in the modern business world. By breaking out each course in the series into a single topic gives you the flexibility to start with whatever skill you are most interested in or most need to learn. It gives you time flexibility. Each lesson is short, and you can do the exercise whenever you have the time during your busy schedule. The lessons all mesh together to build overall competency… as you take more mini-courses, the better you get at the whole process of networking. It’s like taking the full 2-day program an hour at a time spread over as many days or weeks as you need. Enroll today and start taking full advantage of a better career, more income, faster promotions and the recognition you deserve!