Neuroscience Can Give Your Brain The Ability to Reorganize, Change and Break Neuro-connective Tissues, Wired by Experience, Thoughts, Emotions, And Knowledge. Neuroscience, is the Core Of Neuroplasticity. Based On Neuroscience, Researchers Developed The Idea Of Neuroplasticity.In This Course You Will Learn About Several Different Topics: Learn How To Take Control Over Your Brain’s Chemical And Physical StructureLearn How The Flexibility And Plasticity Of Your Brain Can Be Used By You And For YouLearn and Master The Concept Of Neuroplasticity And Use It To Your Own BenefitUnderstand Why You Are Behaving The Way You Are Behaving And How To Change ItLearn How Habits Are Formed And How To Overcome Them, Replace Them, or Create ThemLearn How To Manage Your Time, Your Mind And Your ThoughtsLearn How To Train Your Brain Muscle, Enhance Your Concentration, Focus And AttentionLearn How to Mind Map Your Way Through Thoughts And IdeasLearn How To Overcome Procrastination and Start Doing What You Want To DoLearn How To Turn Bad Memories Into Good Memories, And Overcome The Effect of Bad MemoriesControl your Emotions, Your Feelings, and Your MoodLearn How Memories Work, How To Enhance It, Replace Bad Memories With Good Memories And Improve Your Recalling]Emotional Intelligence: Learn How to Use Your Emotions To Your AdvantageLearn The Ins and Outs About NeuroscienceLearn How To Change Your Entire Thought Pattern StructureA Scientific Breakthrough In Neuroscience Made It Possible For People To Wire Their Brain On A Conscious And Subconscious Level, Taking Control Of Their Habits, Their Negative Thoughts, Their Bad Experiences and Memories, And Turn Them Into Good Health Habits, Positive Thoughts And Optimism, Good Experiences & Structural Memories. Neuroscience is one of the most interesting science branches that deals with the concept of Neuroplasticity In This Course, You Will Learn How To Master Your Brain’s Plasticity, Take Control Of The Wiring Process Instead Of Falling Victim To The Subliminal Thoughts, Experiences, Emotions and Memories On A Daily Basis.