Never Tilt Again



This course is about transformation. We all have the power to change the way we experience the world. For poker players, we can absolutely change the way we experience playing poker. In implementing this change, we will make more money, enjoy poker more, and have other beneficial effects that extend beyond our poker experience. If you play poker, be it online on Pokerstars or live in Las Vegas, this course is GUARANTEED to improve your EV graph and make poker more enjoyable.Many poker players, myself certainly included, have passively accepted pejorative state of being as they played poker. Many unpleasant things can happen while we play poker: getting bad beats, running bad, not hitting draws, not being able to move up to the next stake, having conflicts with regs, computer crashing, Full Tilt Poker declaring bankruptcy, etc. Logically, the mind has associated painful feelings and stored them as stories. These stories fill up our mind as we play. We collect them and over time they can be very painful and burdensome.In this course we explore methods to dissolve these stories, these thoughts. We become aware of this process and use techniques to surrender them. Free from these bounds, poker becomes more enjoyable and more profitable. We no longer see the use in building up painful memories, but release let, letting life live itself.This course starts with a lecture in which the techniques are explained. The rest of the course follows the progress of one of my students, Thomas, as he learns to transform his previous problematic thoughts and works with me one-on-one to implement the techniques taught in the lecture.