When youre new to management everything about management can seem important to know. Well, weve picked 7 things to focus on as a First-Time Manager.Key 1 Manage Yourself. Everything from what you say and do, to your voice tone to your dress code to the look thats on your face most of time all make a huge difference to how seriously people take you and how much theyre likely to co-operate. KEY 2 Manage Your Time.If you cant manage your time, and the new demands on it as a new manager, you wont get the important things done. KEY 3 Manage Your Team. Being part of a high-performing team is one of the best experiences a working person can ever have. The simple Team Assessment Wheel shows you what to focus on next to build a great team. KEY 4 Manage Performance. If you cant properly measure performance, you cant increase it or improve it. We give you ways to do it and identify and measure your value as a manager, simply and sensibly. KEY 5 Manage Your Boss.Your boss is probably your biggest customer. If he or she isnt happy with what you do and how you do it youre not very likely to succeed. Discover the few big, basic things to do to keep your boss happy. KEY 6 Manage Your Influence Being a manager gives you whats known as positional power, but for long-term success you have to be able to influence to get full co-operation. KEY 7 Manage Development.You get more success in a co-operative team. If each person gets the chance to develop and to become even better at what they do, your success as manager is pretty much guaranteed. We list some of the top strategies for developing your people.