Course in Pre-Launch Mode, the Total number of questions will be around 180+.Nokia Interior Routing Protocols 4A0-101 Test seriesIt covers 100% of the Nokia 4A0-101 certification syllabus.You can find questions more on the practical side,they will help you to solve your real-time problems.The Nokia Interior Routing Protocols course examines the operation and use of standards-based routing protocols, such as Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS). The course analyzes and compares these routing protocols, including IPv6, for their successful implementation in large-scale, service-oriented networks. Upon completion of this course, students will explain the operation of IS-IS and OSPF and configure and verify complex networks using both protocols.Exam Topics:Demonstrate a basic overall understanding of link state protocolsExpress a basic overall understanding of IP routing designDescribe the various routing protocol databases (routing, forwarding and link state)Demonstrate an understanding of route redistribution and route filter policiesCreate and verify the successful operation of static and default routesExplain the basic operations of OSPF, and ensure the successful implementation and operability of OSPF in a networkConfigure OSPF in basic and complex network topologiesUnderstand OSPFv3Understand single and multi area networks in OSPFv3Explain the basic operations of IS-IS, and ensure the successful implementation and operability of IS-IS in a networkUnderstand IS-IS for IPv6Define the differences between IS-IS and OSPFVerify OSPF operations and troubleshoot OSPF routing issuesConfigure a complex network utilizing a combination of OSPF and IS-ISUnderstand IPv6 basics and IPv6 addressing