Welcome to my Asian Noodles Mastery Course!This course is for you if you love eating or cooking noodles, or love someone who loves noodles! You’ll learn to cook authentic, delicious, signature noodle dishes from Asia and become a Noodle Star!What you’ll be getting:Delicious noodle recipes from AsiaAuthenticity – the true taste of Asia cooked by you!Learn the secrets of using the correct ingredients and their substitutes when cooking30 years of Asian cooking experience condensed into one course Advice on how to turn every recipe into a vegetarian, vegan and gluten free one.I’ve divided the course into 4 levels, allowing you to progress comfortably at your own speed.Level 1 – Basic Noodler3 Quick and Easy Fried NoodlesChow MeinMee Goreng MamakChar Kway TeowLevel 2 – Rising Noodler!Pad Thai, Thailand’s most famous export You’ll learn to: make the authentic Pad Thai Sauce cook Pad Thai serve Pad Thai beautifullyLevel 3 – Noodle Master!Miso Soup with Prawns and Udon Noodles You’ll learn to make: homemade dashi (Japanese stock) the soup base using the dashi Miso Soup with Prawns and Udon NoodlesLevel 4 – Noodle Star!Laksa – the most challenging of our recipes – that will reward you deliciously!You’ll learn to: make the Laksa paste from scratch cook the Laksa gravy prepare the condimentsserve Laksa authentically – the way it’s eaten in Singapore and MalaysiaEvery dish is accompanied by a detailed, step-by-step written recipe that you can download in Microsoft Word or Adobe pdf format.So get your apron on and I’ll see you in your kitchen!