NOT LATER, WRITE NOW! : HOW TO CONCENTRATE AND WRITE, EVEN WHEN EVERYTHING AROUND YOU WONT SHUT UP Developed and Taught By Susan Bachner    Its a common 21ST century complaint. Youre dying to start writing your novel, your screenplay, your Tribute to Condiments Around the World blog.  But you cant. When youre at work, you have to be at work. When youre at home; there are roommates, spouses, relatives. Theyre talking, walking around,  watching TV, breathing too loud.  Youve tried sitting in Starbucks but there are people talking, doors opening and closing, and loud coffee machines whirring.You try to listen to music to drown out the world. But that just distracts you, too.And wherever you are, there are always people texting you, emailing you, face booking you, calling you. How can you avoid them? So you find yourself putting off your writing for yet another day. Yes, there are places that charge you money to rent a little cubicle where everyone agrees to be quiet, but thats expensive. Plus youre taking the time to travel someplace else, when you have a perfectly good desk waiting for you at home. It seems like nothing works and time is slipping away while your work remains unwritten. There is an answer: NOT LATER, WRITE NOW!: HOW TO CONCENTRATE AND WRITE, EVEN WHEN EVERYTHING AROUND YOU WONT SHUT UP. You'll learn strategies to :  *  Stop procrastination before it starts  * Concentrate in all kinds of circumstances, even bad ones * Learn concentration exercises specifically for writing * Stop sabotaging yourself, wasting time bouncing around  different project ideas, and find that one idea you're "into" * Capitalize on your own enthusiasm  * Make the best use of your free time and physical energy * Create a custom schedule for writing that will make it easy to stick to.  Susan Bachner knows the secrets to concentrating and writing in not ideal conditions, and has the results to show for it. She has previously helped private clients learn to concentrate better and fulfill their writing dreams, and is now is opening these possibilities up to even more writers with this class.  A former Senior Editor at McGraw Hill (where she once had to concentrate on her work while a nearby  coworker continually slurped coffee for hours on end ), published author, and screenwriter with representation in Hollywood, she has put together strategies for developing an inner world of peace and concentration anywhere and anytime. When watching the lessons, please have handy a notebook to take notes in, and if possible a small datebook  ( even if you usually keep track of your schedule in your phone or computer, it will be good to have a physical datebook to write in for the purpose of forming your writing schedule.)  Looking forward to helping you get on the road to writing what you want, whenever you want.  NOT LATER, WRITE NOW!