Develop familiarity with your own body energy field. Learn simple physical awareness techniques – physical meditations. Improve your relationship with water, food and your environment. Practice skills that make your every day lighter and more peaceful. Do simple, easy and quick mindfulness practices anywhere and any time.Course purposeThe purpose of creating this course is to offer in-depth training and the opportunity tolearn some easy, simple, energy-raising techniques anyone can learn and do. Practicing these skills will help you improve your life experience and feel more peaceful.How to take this courseThe best way to use this course is to watch the whole thing through one time without practicing anything. Once youve watched the whole course presentationreturen to Section 2 Lecture 1 so you can begin play with your own Energy Ball.There is no time-frame for completion of this course. Learning about ourselves is a continuous growth process. Make this course a playful exploration for yourself. Practice one Lecture at a time until you feel ready to go on to the next layer of understanding.As to how long you will need to practice one phase before you are ready to move on to another will depend on: How new you are to energy work or meditation How often you practice Your gut feeling telling you youve reached a healthy plateau (in other words, being at peace with where you are, and excited to move on)Review Section 3 Lectures any time as you practice Section 2 Lectures, as these are all beneficial additions.Its all goodThe beauty of meditation and loving, positive energy work is that you cant get it wrong. It is totally safe to do any and all of these, and share what you are learning with others if you like. Children are especially open and quick to learn energy work. Remember to practice every day, be patient with yourself and have fun.Your guides in this classOver the course of 30-plus years Kim Victoria has explored, trained-in, and practiced numerous energy modalities, many of these skills she practices every day.There are several modalities that were so compelling to Kim that she did all the training to receive certification. While with other practices she reached a level of understanding and personal competence that didnt require anything more than that. In this course Kim shares her own fusion of all that shes learned, and how she uses that fusion in her every day life. I humbly offer my expertise, as it is, as a springboard for your own exploration.Kim is joined by Cindy Belz who practices some of these modalities and is here to add to the discussion.The mandatory disclaimerFrom Kim Victoria: I am not a physician. I am certified to practice and teach the energy modalities of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Directed Breath, Feng Shui, and Strategic Attraction. Therefore, do not stop any therapies your doctor prescribes, or consider any of this as medical advice, for it is not. These ideas are shared as information only.Your successChanges are usually subtle over time, and it is often in retrospect that you perceive the difference. By watching any or all of these videos more than once, review is always beneficial, you will anchor into your consciousness how to do the practices as well as what shifts in your awareness you are realizing. We do wish you much success and enjoyment.