In procedural programming, you are always writing many lines of code that are not reusable. Therefore, to write code that can be reusable, you have to learn the OOP in PHP.When you learn the OOP, the next level is Frameworks either its CodeIgniter or Laravel, and every PHP frameworks required OOP concepts, so that’s why the OOP is essential.If you want to become a web/PHP developer so if you have the basic knowledge of PHP, then this course is designed for you.We are going to cover all the necessary concepts from OOP in PHP. We start our journey from classes and properties.Once you learn the OOP concepts in PHP, then we start the SQL concepts you can easily understand how can you manage your database, we cover the integration of the database with your PHP project.Once you have the OOP concepts, then we will start to learn  CodeIgniter with the worlds robust front-end framework, Bootstrap 4.Yes, we will cover every fundamental concept from CodeIgniter; once we complete the basics, then I will teach you how to create web applications and Websites.I will give you some concepts related to templates and why you need to break your HTML content into multiple views. I will teach you how to use Helpers, libraries, and query builder, you will learn how to create your application using MVC (Model View Controller) approach. You will learn how to validate your forms from the server site, and I will give you some tricks and tips related to security. You will also learn the practical work of CodeIgniter with Bootstrap 4; I will teach you how you can send/receive data with AJAX(without page refresh). We use jQuery to send data from the client to Server with AJAX.I will give some concepts related to ORM(Object Relational Mapping)You will learn how you can create  Login and Sign up the system in this series; I will perform CRUD operation so you can easily understand the essential process of CodeIgniter. I will polish your skills, and you will realize it. We will also discuss the third party templates on how to integrate with your system.