Occultism Level 2: Science of the Paranormal


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This is an advanced course. A prerequisite is the course “Occultism Level 1″.The word”occult” means that which is hidden. Occultism, consequently, is the science of hidden forces, and the art of subjecting such forces to human control. Here we will consider the data upon which occultism rests.The word carries with it an air of mystery, it is true; but all forces are mysterious tothose who have not studied them; and what is mysterious to the ignorant is obvious tothe learned. Yet in all nature, nothing can come permanently under this ban; for allmysteries may be solved.Thus the simplest conveniences of modern civilization aremysterious to the untutored savage.He is wont to attribute their power to some supernatural agency. But there is nothing supernaturalnothing, that is, not governed by natural laws.Awesome in a box.CAUTION: Awesomeness level may exceed standard levels. Viewer discretion is advised.