Ohm’s Law: Ohms, volts, amps, ohm law & Electronics’ Basics



In this course you will learnabout electrical circuits, from scratch to Ohm’s Law. Do you need to studey about this topic and learn the material on the Ohm’s Law from 0 fast? Then this quick guide course is for you!The goal for this course is to get you familiar with basic consepts of electrical circuits. Whether you are a current highschool or university student, this course is for you! I will show you how to solve problems related to Power, Voltage and Current as well as explain this concepts in detail. In addition to that, you will get a special access to my materials for this course – Power Point slides of lectures in HD quality, so that you can glance at the material that you have studied and repeate it in under 10 minutes! After some of the basic concepts, I will go in detail about resistors. Both Parallel and Series resistors will be shown and studied!The second sectionwill give you a complete clear understanding of resistors. Each lesson or resistors has it’s Practice Problems that I explain in detail and solve in the video, so that you both get the sample problems and the step-by-step instructions on how to solve them, which is also included in the downloadable slides. I hope that you get maximum out of this quick guide to electrical circuits and ohm’s law!What does this course cover:CurrentAmperesVoltagesPowerWattsResistorsOhm’s LawResistors in SeriesResistors in ParallelAlso, the video lessons involve solving Practice Problems with answers!Do you need to learn basics of circuits or aboutOhm’s Law?Enroll Now!