Who?Are you aNewly minted Java developer?Are you seeking to advance your career?Are you interested in mastering the theoretical underpinnings of the worlds best software development platform?Do you want to know what Java EEreally is?If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this course is for you!The Absolute Beginners Quick Introduction to Java EE is an easy to digest, CODE-LESS introduction to Java Enterprise Edition. It is a fast paced, quick guide to the theoretical underpinnings of Java EE.What will Ilearn?At the end of this course, youwill come away with in depth knowledge onWhat Java EEreally isWhat the JavaCommunityProcess (JCP)is and what it doesWhat a Java Specification Request (JSR)isHow Java EEis evolvedHow you can contribute to Java EEWhat the latest is on Java EE8How to keep abreast of Java EE8 development and much much moreThis course is designed such that you can complete it in a very short time so that you can be up and running with the requisite knowledge you need to move on to more advanced Java EEcourses.Why code-less?Code-less because Java EEis a very powerful, large platform with a myriad of APIs for almost all conceivable use. But to be able to properly make use such a platform, one needs to have the proper mindset about what the platform REALLY IS, how it is evolved, and how one can help impact it. The goal of this course thus, is to get you up and running fast without being encumbered in the intricacies of code.OKhow do Isignup?Great, just click on the big purple button that says buy now and be on your way to mastering the foundations of the world’s premier software development platform. See you in the course!