OllyDBG for Beginners (olly debug)



This course is prepared for students interested in debugging and analyzing applications or malware analysis, In this course you will learn how to convert an executable file to assembly language and then to read what this executable is doing, you will also be able to modify the function of this executable and export a new modified executable.before joining this course you must be familiar with assembly language and the portable executable files architecture.After attending this course you will be able to answer the following questions :What is Debugging?What is the difference between compiler, assembler, disassembler and debugger?What is stepping into and stepping over in debugging?How to create Breakpoints? and what is the difference between Software and Hardware Breakpoints?What is Tracing?How to export modified executable?and, how to debug a DLL file using OllyDBG?When you join this course you will be able to watch the lectures’ videos and to download the slides presentation, in addition to an executable file example that we are going to use during our practical tests in this course.(it is pronounced as “olly dbg” or “olly debug”)