Omnisphere – Master the Foundations in 2.5 hours



Your Journey in OmnisphereWelcome, and congratulations for choosing to dive into Omnisphere. You are about to learn and master the foundations of one of the greatest and most powerful software instruments of all time. The version used in this course is Omnisphere 2.5.Master the Power of OmnisphereImagine if you had the power and knowledge to use Omnisphere to its full potential. To find, to create, to shape, to design and to control the sounds in Omnisphere.Are you ready to:Master the Foundations of OmnisphereLearn my Best Power Tips & TricksBecome a Power User of OmnisphereAfter this course you will be able to use Omnisphere more creatively, efficiently and with a huge boost in your knowledge and practical skills. You will be well on your way to becoming a power user of Omnisphere.Now take ActionLets start your adventure in Omnisphere, right now! =)