OMRON PLC 2 (PLC Instruction)



          I gonna talk about what are you going to learn this course  Omron PLC Instruction   There are 28 VDO lessons totally. Starting with what s operand?.. what s operator? and then You will learn PLC instructions such as sequence output instructions, sequence control instructions, Timers, Counters, Data Comparison, Data movement, Data Increment, Data Decrement, Data conversion, Data scaling instructions, and so on…         This is my second course about Omron PLC. Who finished my first course CX-Programmer Usage . I highly recommend to continue this course Basic PLC Instruction  that I strongly believe after you finishing, you will be confident with using Omron PLC for programming your machine. And Omron PLC will be easy for you.Okey.. Lets go to watch short VDO sample.  See you again Enjoy! By Akapol