Are you an aspiring Entrepreneur looking to build your first business and you’re lost and don’t know where to start?That is how I was 5 years ago and how millions of other first-time entrepreneurs around the world feel. That’s the reason I decided to create this living course for the average first-time entrepreneur. In this course,Starting an online business for the first time can be very intimating when you’re starting out. In this free course, I will hold your hand “virtually” 🙂 and take you through the online business planning process. You’re learn the basics of an online business. Then I’ll take you through the process of creating a business plan for your new venture, Yes online business should also have business plans too fortunately it’s nothing like the traditional business plan that you’re probably familiar with (I hate those). Next I’ll teach you how to create a marketing strategy for your business. Then we’ll discuss the business team roles that you may require for your business and much much more…Here’s all the topics covered in this course:- Introduction to Online Business- Writing a Business Summary- Creating an Online Marketing Strategy- Outlining Your Business Team Roles- Create a Business Schedule- The Executive Summary- Business Planning Tools- Identifying Revenue Sources- How To Get Traffic For Your Business