Such a helpful course in gathering all my scattered thoughts and ideas. Especially the mindmap part really is going to be of huge help for me. Thank you so much Cha-zay, you’re really a star and your kind and helpful energy just makes it all even better.” Clairre Yochana Sommer**********************************”As someone who has been an “in-person” teacher her entire life, this course takes the best practices and strategies of the classroom and provides concrete tips for creating an engaging, meaningful online course for students.  I found myself nodding in agreement at the suggestions as I further developed my understanding of the various approaches to online teacher using Udemy or other platforms.  Dr. Cha-zay models her lessons to students by demonstrating each tip that she discusses. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is wondering if online teaching is for him/her.” Stacy Young**********************************If you know that online teaching is the right move for you but you dont know how to get started, this course is for you! If you have volumes of wisdom to share with a global audience and want to create online courses to spread your knowledge, this course is for you.Are you in the mind/body/spirit field working as a healer, coach or consultant and want to take your in-person business to an online platform?Are you tried of trading time for money and want to create passive income streams with online courses?Are you ready to start spreading your most-important message to a worldwide audience and get paid handsomely while youre at it?Then youve come to the right place!As a Reiki Master and Holistic Life Coach I know how hard it can be to see one client at a time and Im here to show you an easier way. One where you wont have to give up your private practice, if you choose to continue seeing one-on-one clients. With what Im about to show you, not only can you keep your in-person practice but I will show you how to create passive income streams while building your practice with even more clients that are willing to pay generously for your wisdom and knowledge.Its time to bring your knowledge to an online platform. Say it once, set it and forget it. Share your wisdom so what you have to teach is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and to a global audience. Or perhaps youre not currently seeing face-to-face clients and simply want to build an online practice with your healing and coaching techniques?I left the corporate world more than 12 years ago to become a consultant and later a coach and workshop leader. Ive been teaching small and large groups in person as well as online for over a decade. I have thousands of students and am one of Udemys best-selling instructors. I create and publish courses in 3-5 days and I still run a global coaching business. I look forward to helping you spread your message while helping you generate multiple, generous and passive streams of income.**********************************”Cha-zay provides thorough information and step-by-step details in this course. I am gaining more clarity about how to decide what to put into a course as well as when it’s too much and should be split into more than one course. Recommended.” Chellee Chase-Saiz**********************************”Definitely worth the investment! Dr. Cha~Zay really breaks down the creation process for a course and walks you through each step in a very simple manner, I can’t wait to get my first course published!” Aiden Tyler Grossheider**********************************”Quick practical and actionable course to get you to your own course outline in a snap. Instructor has an amazing ability to simplfy a task that could otherwise be quite overwhelming.” Vernetta Sealy**********************************Keywords:#course outline, #online course, #online course instructor, #online course creation, #thinkific, #teachable, #udemy, #learnworlds, #skillshare, #podia, #ruzuku, #click4course, #digitalchalk, #pathwright, #zippycourses, #kajabi, #academyofmind, #learndash, #accessally, #coursecats, #lifterlms, #opensesame, #coursemerchant, #lmscheckout, #courseindex, #learnpress, #coursepresspro, #sensei, #wpcourseware, #goodlms, #namaste!lms, #masterstudylms, #create and sell online courses, #online course masters, #best-selling online instructors, #online course ideas, #build a course in 1 week, #online courses, #create an online course, #how to create an online course, #1 week to creating an online course, #become an online instructor, #Cha~zay,